Stake your ADA with SHiFT

How to stake

Staking with SHiFT is quick and easy: just choose ticker SHIFT from your delegation centre in a Cardano wallet like Daedalus or Yoroi.

It will take about 15-20 days or 3-4 epochs to receive rewards from the day you delegate with a new stake pool.

For more details about staking check out:

Stake Pool Performance

You can find further information on the performance of SHiFT and other Stake Pools on several independent platforms that provide live data on returns, delegators, up time and more:

Disclaimer: We are a new pool started in September 2021 and it will likely take some time until we make blocks. As rewards are directly linked to making blocks there will be less than 5% rewards in the beginning until more people delegate. We still hope that you delegate to us if you like our mission, as without your initial trust and delegations our mission cannot become reality. We need you!