We donate at least 30% of our rewards to climate related charities or projects that help to reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from our planets atmosphere.

As an Active Member of the Climate Neutral Cardano group of Stake Pool operators we publish our donation including verification to provide full transparency to our delegators.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all of our delegators, who directly enable us to run this pool and make these donations*.

#DateProject/ CharityAmountProof
019 Sep 2021This is our first donation to offset all SHIFT pool emissions before launch: Trees for Life plants trees in the Scottish Highlands, rewilding the Caledonian forest, More details£1600Link to SHIFT grove
119 Nov 2021Cardano Forest‘ project, verified tree planting in Kenya, enabling the verification and storage of tree planting information on the Cardano blockchain. 500 ADALink to Veritree token on

*these donations are taken from our pool operator rewards, not from your delegator returns. On average our annual ROA is the same as any other Stake Pool that makes blocks. However, we emphasize all your delegations to our pool are essential for us to make blocks as the underlying Ouroboros protocol assigns blocks based on the amount of ADA staked to the pool. To be able to consistently donate 30% of rewards is depending on having a minimum of approximately 3 million ADA in active stake to the pool. Below this stake we will not always produce blocks and hence will not always have rewards to donate from.