We donate at least 30% of our rewards to climate related charities or projects that help to reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from our planets atmosphere.

As an Active Member of the Climate Neutral Cardano group of Stake Pool operators we publish our donation including verification to provide full transparency to our delegators.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all of our delegators, who directly enable us to run this pool and make these donations*.

#DateProject/ CharityAmountProof
019 Sep 2021This is our first donation to offset all SHIFT pool emissions before launch: Trees for Life plants trees in the Scottish Highlands, rewilding the Caledonian forest, More details£1600 (963 ADA)Link to SHIFT grove
119 Nov 2021Our November donation to the ‘Cardano Forest‘ project. Verified tree planting in Kenya, enabling the verification and storage of tree planting information on the Cardano blockchain. These 500 trees were planted during COP26, which were matched by Veritree to 1000 trees. This is also our first donation with rewards generated from block making. 🙂500 ADALink to Veritree token on
214 Dec 2021Our December donation. This is our second donation to Trees for Life. We donated an additional 75 trees (£6 per tree) to our SHIFT grove in the Scottish Highlands, which has now a total of 300 trees. Merry Christmas to everybody! 500 ADA (£460)Link to SHIFT grove.
323 Jan 2022Our January donation. This is our third donation to Trees for Life. We donated an additional 83 trees to our SHIFT grove in the Scottish Highlands, which has now a total of 383 trees. This donation was originally meant to go to the Cardano Forest as we donate 50/50 between Trees for Life and the Cardano Forest project, but since the goal of 1 million trees planted have been achieved, all our donations will now go to Trees for Life for the foreseeable future. 600 ADA (£498)Link to SHIFT grove.
QREpoch 315This is the third month (18 Epochs) our pool earns rewards and this donation brings our total donations to more than 30% of total rewards (incl maintenance fee, variable margin) earned by running SHIFT pool.
1383 trees planted in Kenya and Scotland. 🙂 🙂 🙂
2563 ADAQuarterly summary
425 Feb
This is the fourth month our pool has earned rewards and while we are still building a new tree planting project in Madagascar together with our Climate Neutral Cardano Group of Stake Pools, we will donate all our ADA rewards for this month to our favourite local charity in Scotland. Trees for Life. They are slowly but surely bringing back the trees and ecosystem to the Caledonian Forest. As the ADA value is currently down, we can’t plant as many trees as we would like, but manage to add 90 trees. Every tree counts! SHIFT grove now has 473 trees. 830 ADA (£540)Link to SHIFT grove.
5MarchWe are launching a new charity project together with Climate Neutral Cardano directly supporting a small NGO in Madagascar. We have held back our donation in March to give this project a boost in April. 0
614 April 2022Climate Neutral Cardano Ala project launch. We made a test transaction alongside all active pools that participate in supporting Tetikasa Ala to test their new Cardano wallet and ensure the ADA arrived.200 ADATransaction ID (Cardanoscan):
QRFebruary to April donations1020 ADAQuarterly summary
75 May 2022Our May donation was donated to Tetikasa Ala in Madagascar as part of our combined CNC Ala project with Climate Neutral Cardano. The 624ADA plus the 200 ADA send as test transaction was 30% of our March income. 624 ADATransaction ID (Cardanoscan)
84 June 2022Our June donation was donated to Tetikasa Ala in Madagascar as part of our combined CNC Ala project donations with Climate Neutral Cardano. 780 ADATransaction ID (Cardanoscan)

*these donations are taken from our pool operator rewards, not from your delegator returns. On average our annual ROA is the same as any other Stake Pool that makes blocks. However, we emphasize all your delegations to our pool are essential for us to make blocks as the underlying Ouroboros protocol assigns blocks based on the amount of ADA staked to the pool. To be able to consistently donate 30% of rewards is depending on having a minimum of approximately 3 million ADA in active stake to the pool. Below this stake we will not always produce blocks and hence will not always have rewards to donate from.