Fix Money! Fix Climate!

Hamish Cunningham, January 2022 Hello! I want to say many things, but the one closest to my heart is that we need a revolution to save us from climate change! Revolutions come in many shapes and sizes, and the blockchain revolution until now has mostly been about fixing the financial system. That’s part of theContinue reading “Fix Money! Fix Climate!”

Cardano uses 10,000x less electricity than Bitcoin

We have been doing numbers before, important numbers like an initial Cardano Stake Pool Carbon Footprint for us and for the Cardano Stake Pools in general, and we will continue to do more numbers to get a better idea on our impact. One important number to take into account when thinking about the climate impactContinue reading “Cardano uses 10,000x less electricity than Bitcoin”

Why #Cardano?

Spoiler: Because it is a positive impact #blockchain. Among all the blockchains out there, Cardano has the ingredients to grow sustainably and at the same time to make the world a better place. Among the many reasons we think Cardano brings more value than older #blockchains is the growing Cardano ecosystem. The ecosystem alone, plusContinue reading “Why #Cardano?”

More trees planted with Trees for Life in Scotland

Our December donation has gone to Trees for Life and increased the tree number in our SHIFT grove from 225 to 300. Donation details here. Check it out on our SHIFT Grove page with Trees for Life. These 300 trees alone make our climate positive, by offsetting all of our emissions and then some. AContinue reading “More trees planted with Trees for Life in Scotland”

A Catalyst Fund7 proposal: The Cardano Carbon Footprint

Blockchains use energy and have a carbon footprint. Cardano is a low energy consuming blockchain, due to its Proof of Stake protocol. It uses about 10.000x less energy per transaction than Bitcoin. (Ref) However, it still uses energy and a lot of other resources that cause carbon emissions. SHIFT Pool, as part of the ClimateContinue reading “A Catalyst Fund7 proposal: The Cardano Carbon Footprint”

Cardano’s Footprint: a Catalyst Idea

We’ve been busy! The SHiFT pool is minting lots of blocks (112 so far!) and it feels pretty cool to have contributed immutable ledger entries to the history of the blockchain. Now we’re trying to take the next step in a precise definition of the environmental impact of Cardano, so that we can help turnContinue reading “Cardano’s Footprint: a Catalyst Idea”

SHIFT received the 14.8m ADA Cardano Foundation bootstrap delegation!

News: We are really happy to have received $ADA 14.8million as one of a few Cardano Foundation bootstrap delegations in Epoch 296 (13 October 2021). The Cardano Foundation provides these bootstrap delegations for a 3 month period to smaller pools in line with the methodology published here. Background: This delegation was also enabled by ourContinue reading “SHIFT received the 14.8m ADA Cardano Foundation bootstrap delegation!”

225 trees planted with Trees for Life

In The road to positive: neutralising SHIFT carbon emissions we have shared our initial CO2 accounting with you and how many trees we need to offset these emissions. We have now followed through and donated to plant 225 trees with Trees for Life — a charity we personally know and love. You can find proof ofContinue reading “225 trees planted with Trees for Life”