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Why #Cardano?

Spoiler: Because it is a positive impact #blockchain. Among all the blockchains out there, Cardano has the ingredients to grow sustainably and at the same time to make the world a better place. Among the many reasons we think Cardano brings more value than older #blockchains is the growing Cardano ecosystem. The ecosystem alone, plusContinue reading “Why #Cardano?”

A Catalyst Fund7 proposal: The Cardano Carbon Footprint

Blockchains use energy and have a carbon footprint. Cardano is a low energy consuming blockchain, due to its Proof of Stake protocol. It uses about 10.000x less energy per transaction than Bitcoin. (Ref) However, it still uses energy and a lot of other resources that cause carbon emissions. SHIFT Pool, as part of the ClimateContinue reading “A Catalyst Fund7 proposal: The Cardano Carbon Footprint”

SHIFT received the 14.8m ADA Cardano Foundation bootstrap delegation!

News: We are really happy to have received $ADA 14.8million as one of a few Cardano Foundation bootstrap delegations in Epoch 296 (13 October 2021). The Cardano Foundation provides these bootstrap delegations for a 3 month period to smaller pools in line with the methodology published here. Background: This delegation was also enabled by ourContinue reading “SHIFT received the 14.8m ADA Cardano Foundation bootstrap delegation!”

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