About Us

Our servers run on renewable energy

We are running SHIFT Pool on cloud servers fed by 100% renewable energy from wind and hydropower based in Germany and Finland. It’s important!

Our team

We are Christian and Hamish, two stake pool operators with a long environmental activist track record who want to change the world for the better. Cardano and this stake pool enables us to provide a whole new ecosystem to shift things.


Christian photo

A scientist, activist and engineer with a background in biotechnology and medical

I grew up and studied in Germany, then moved to Sweden to do a PhD in Experimental Medicine and finally came here to the United Kingdom to continue my scientific research in stem cells and cancer.

While doing medical research at the University of Sheffield I started
volunteering in the green movement and quickly became painfully aware of the
dire situation our planet is in. Even more so I felt that we have to do more
here and now to fight climate change. To do just that I co-founded the Carbon Neutral University Network (we usually just call it CNU) in 2014 and since then worked with hundreds of people to enable and convince the University leadership to walk the walk and become a carbon neutral institution. The University finally adopted a sustainability strategy with zero carbon targets in 2019.

CNU logo

I am very proud of my work as co-chair of the Carbon Neutral University Network and the work we did still forms the basis of much of my environmental work today. Find out more about CNU and check out our resources on our website by clicking on the logo to the right.

The Climate Emergency has become more serious every year since I was born.
Even now when everybody is aware and most agreed that we need to stop global
warming worldwide carbon emissions are still growing every year.

Although my work has told me that it is difficult to change the existing path of a
society, it can be done. Everybody can make a difference and in order to be able to do more I decided to change my work from medical science to environmental engineering and management. I am glad I did. Trying to make a difference every day.

I discovered blockchain a few years ago. After a brief interlude into Bitcoin I finally found Cardano. Its science basis is and low energy requirements just aligned best with me. I believe it is the blockchain that can make a real difference to us all and the environment. More importantly the Proof of Stake infrastructure enables Stake Pools like this. As Stake Pool Operators we are right in the middle of the Cardano community and what a community it is! Individually and together with other pools we can grow Cardano and at the same time our ability to fight and stop global warming grows.

Prof Hamish Cunningham

Hamish Cunningham is a Research Professor in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. He used to hope that as time passed he would get older and wiser, but it seems that in fact he just gets odder and wider.

He has been a software engineer, researcher, open source developer and Principal Investigator on some 25 research grants, and ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to produce the MoPi mobile power board for the Raspberry Pi. He has published widely, sits on a number of editorial boards and reviews project proposals for the EC, EPSRC, BBSRC, ESRC, NWO and others. His team produces the GATE open source platform for language and knowledge research, which is used by organisations as diverse as the BBC, WHO cancer research and the Financial Times, and which has attracted around €20 million euros of direct research funding.

Cunningham is currently researching open IoT devices for domestic aquaponics, was a management committee member of the COST network EU Aquaponics Hub and the owner of a small greenhouse full of fish and lettuce.

He believes that Cardano has a massive contribution to make to sustainability and resilience, and that political democracy is proving incapable of saving the planet due to our complete lack of economic democracy.

Find him at hamish.gate.ac.uk.