Cardano Carbon Footprint working group

The Cardano Carbon Footprint is currently a set of documents that describe an initial methodology, scoping, challenges and a spread sheet to capture initial numbers on i.e. stake pools numbers and hardware, energy consumption and carbon emissions factors.

These documents are are currently refined and formatted to make it easier for a new group of people to easily understand and review the work so far.

I am currently compiling these materials and associated data to arrange a workshop with a number of blockchain and environmental experts we have met over the last few months. This is an important step to move forward, by harnessing the power and expertise of the Cardano community to address these very specialist areas.

A first meeting will take place in March, with members from our Climate Neutral Cardano Alliance, scientists from ImpactScope, and experts from Blockcarbon.

Together we will gather feedback and define important outstanding work to allow us to bring an initial Carbon Footprint and its associated scope.

A summary of the findings and major thought will be reported at our next report here.

Thank you.

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