CNC Ala ISPO launch

We are an active member of the Climate Neutral Cardano (CNC) Stake Pool Alliance and have been one of several organisers of the CNC Ala ISPO. This project was in the works since January 2022 and we finally launched our CNC Ala token in Epoch 377 on 21 of November 2022.

All details about the CNC Ala ISPO are available on our alliance website:

SHIFT Pool has also been one of the main authors of the CNC Ala white paper that outlines background and functional details of our impact staking ISPO. Please read it here if you want to learn so much much more about our new impact staking ISPO concept.

ISPO Benefits to our pool delegators

As a delegator to our pool you will now earn additional CNC Ala tokens on top of your ADA rewards. This means you will earn 10 CNC Ala tokens per epoch for every 1000 ADA you are staking. You can claim your tokens via our partner DripDropz. Just login at least every 6 epochs and add your wallet address to receive your CNC Ala tokens for a small transaction fee.

Our CNC Ala ISPO will run for 6 month or 36 epochs and at the end of the ISPO you will be eligible to claim unique NFTs from NFT projects that partner with us. The following four NFT projects are will offer unique NFT series – Cardano Proxies, Yummi Universe, Mada’s Lemur, Earth Natives.

Benefits to people and planet

Of course, the main reason for the ISPO is to help Mother Nature and do something to protect our future. Together with our partner stake pools we combine our monthly pool donations to support a small charity in Madagascar called Tetikasa Ala (which means ‘project forest’ in Malagasy).

Please follow Tetikasa Ala on Twitter @TetikasaAla or Instagram.

CNC Ala is a regeneration and permaculture project in central Madagascar where drought and deforestation have created desperate conditions for people, plants and animals. They need our help to make it happen! Madagascar is home to a huge number of the worlds most exotic and endangered species, and 50% of households face real food insecurity. 

Our unique collaboration means that Tetikasa Ala will provide us a lot of feedback from the ground in Madagascar and everyone will have the opportunity to engage with them directly via our social media channels and regular Twitter Spaces.

Please join our CNC community on social media to learn more

If you really want to get involved we invite you to join our Climate Neutral Cardano Stake Pool Alliance Twitter feed (@CNCardano), discord server or on Telegram via the invite links below.

Discord invite:

Telegram invite:

Do get in touch and help us fight for planet and people in Madagascar.

We hope to see you soon. 🙂 Thank you.

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