More trees planted with Trees for Life in Scotland

Our December donation has gone to Trees for Life and increased the tree number in our SHIFT grove from 225 to 300. Donation details here.

Check it out on our SHIFT Grove page with Trees for Life.

These 300 trees alone make our climate positive, by offsetting all of our emissions and then some. A birch tree, if growing to its full life span and being planted in the right place can take up about one tonne of CO2 emissions over its 80 year life.

We plant with Trees for Life, as we have been there and planted trees with them. They know the land, they know the species of trees they have to protect and plant and the animals that will return because of it.

These trees will be protected and recreate the wilderness in the Scottish Highlands for many generations to come. This is important to keep the carbon stored in the soil and to make a long lasting impact for so many native species to be able to return (i.e. beavers and red squirrel).

A wonderful charity that we will continue to support if we can.

Thanks to all our delegators. Cardano makes it possible.

Your delegation to SHIFT pool keep us going and enable us make donations. We donate 30% of our pool income to charities that protect the climate and our plant, while paying on average a 4.3% return on any $ADA delegated to us.

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