Cardano’s Footprint: a Catalyst Idea

We’ve been busy! The SHiFT pool is minting lots of blocks (112 so far!) and it feels pretty cool to have contributed immutable ledger entries to the history of the blockchain. Now we’re trying to take the next step in a precise definition of the environmental impact of Cardano, so that we can help turn it from negative to neutral and then to positive. (Let’s make the shift to climate positive!)

So we’re developing a Catalyst project to tackle the special challenges of measuring impact in a decentralised and permissionless proof-of-stake context. Quoting the proposal:

Blockchain has a chance to replace many massively wasteful financial processes with a decentralised, permissionless and democratic infrastructure for digital money, exchange and smart contracts. This is driving phenomenal growth, and that growth creates both a danger and an opportunity. The danger is that proof-of-work mining has huge energy costs and a negative climate impact. The opportunity is that a proof-of-stake chain with built-in community-controlled treasury and cheap smart contracts can actually swing the balance the other way and make the technology climate positive. We think Cardano is positioned to make this shift…

You can get the full story and pictures at IdeaScale. Please help us by registering for an account, giving comments and voting in the Fund 7 Catalyst round in a week or so. Make your ADA work for the future of our planet!

Published by Hamish Cunningham

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