SHIFT received the 14.8m ADA Cardano Foundation bootstrap delegation!

News: We are really happy to have received $ADA 14.8million as one of a few Cardano Foundation bootstrap delegations in Epoch 296 (13 October 2021). The Cardano Foundation provides these bootstrap delegations for a 3 month period to smaller pools in line with the methodology published here.

Background: This delegation was also enabled by our work as active member of the Climate Neutral Cardano Group and our work towards a climate neutral Cardano. We provided some essential science, calculations and communications to help launch the Cardano Forest at the Cardano Summit on 25th of September. This has also started a long collaboration with Veritree and the Cardano Foundation, as we are all interested in making Cardano an environmental sustainable blockchain.

Benefit: This has increased our active stake to a level that enables us to regularly mint blocks. This means we can now pay regular interest to all of our delegators, who can now expect a return on their ADA of about 4.5% per year. Furthermore, it now enables us to donate towards tree planting projects and really start working towards our #ClimateAction agenda.

We thank all our delegators for the support and help us fight for our planet together.

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