Picture of a tree in Glen Affric, where SHiFT's grove is being planted
SHiFT logoA climate positive Cardano Stake Pool

Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain that hosts one of the biggest cryptocurrencies (ADA, or ₳). It doesn’t waste lots of power (like Bitcoin) as it uses staking (instead of mining).

SHiFT is a stake pool: part of the infrastructure running the Cardano blockchain. Every ADA owner can delegate to a pool of their choice (at no cost). With SHiFT your stake will help draw down carbon from the atmosphere, while also earning you interest.

Stay cool, make money

Keep the planet cool and make money too, what’s not to like?-)

Carbon neutral is a good start, but because cryptocurrency and blockchain are growing, we can go further and be climate positive. Our woodland grove in Scotland offsets all the emissions of our work on SHiFT — and then the more trees we plant the more carbon we draw down. (Unlike many offsetting schemes we include living and working costs as well as the servers that run our pool.) We run SHIFT on 100% renewables and use pool rewards for climate action. Help us by staking your ₳DA with SHIFT, and we’ll grow our SHIFT grove with Trees for Life and plant trees at the #CardanoForest.

Let’s keep the world cool!

SHIFT is an Active Member of the Climate Neutral Cardano Group of Stake Pools.
We got together to make Cardano a climate neutral blockchain. Something that is dear to our hearts as the Climate Crisis unfolds around us.



Interview with SHIFT SPOs Christian and Hamish:

Stake your ADA with SHiFT

Staking with SHiFT is quick and easy:

  • fire up your Cardano wallet (e.g. Daedalus or Yoroi)
  • open the delegation centre (or list)
  • type “shift” and click ‘delegate’ 🙂

It will take 15-20 days or 3-4 epochs to receive rewards from the day you delegate with a new stake pool. (And: we’re new! So we need delegation to make blocks and pay out rewards… please help us out and tell your friends. The more delegation the more we can help the planet. Thanks!)


When you stake with SHIFT you help to…

…fix money!

Long ago, banks were a step forward. Now they’re broken. Cardano is about giving control of money to the people.

…cool the planet!

Because cryptocurrency is growing we can afford to go beyond carbon neutral to carbon positive.

support sustainable tech!

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